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Balanced YOGA

Richard Rosen and Original Yoga

May 30th - June 1st, 2014. Richard Rosen joins Balanced Yoga for a weekend workshop covering Original Yoga, Forgotten Yoga, and Modern Energy Chanels. Early registration discount available through May 9th.

Yoga Nidra with Julia McSheffery

Thursday evenings in April. Take one step towars healing, peace, bliss, and harmony using yoga nidra, guided imagery, progressive relaxation, and antar mouna meditation.

Forrest Style Yoga Immersion with Julia McSheffery

April 26th. Forrest-style yoga is a transformative practice built on the concepts of breath, strength, integrity, spirit and a unique inner exploration that moves you deeper into self-awareness and discovery.

Yin Yoga Training with Josh Summers

Josh Summers returns to Balanced Yoga and University in 2014! Join him in June for Yin Yoga Teacher Training and again in September for an advanced Yin training. Early registration discounts are currwently available for both sections.

Expanded Massage Availability

Massage Services now available 7 days a week! Please contact the studio to enquire about the services and to schedule your appointment.

The Power of Prana with Bruce Bowditch

July 11th - 13th. The Power of Prana: Understanding the Energy Body and Enhancing Life Force Through Yoga. Join Bruce Bowditch for a three day workshop and learn how intent of yoga in all its traditional forms is to help those who practice it release long-held negativity, faulty thinking, and misperceptions, and move to a higher level of spiritual connection with life, other people, and the greater creative force (prana) encompassing all things.


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