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Deeper Dimensions: Yama + Niyamas I

March 19 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

$25 - $80
yamas and niyamas columbus ohio balanced yoga

A four-part series led by Colleen McFall. Each class will focus on a different set of yamas and/or niyamas.

3/19, 4/30, 5/28, 6/25 | 2-4PM


Delve deeper into your yoga practice by integrating yogic philosophy both on and off the mat. Gain new insight and tools to live life more skillfully with greater ease, less anxiety and more harmony on a day-to-day basis. Among the most basic philosophical writings of yoga is the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, which tells of eight steps leading to liberation, known as the 8 Limbs of Yoga. But before you embark on the journey, it’s important to get an overview. We’ll start with a close exploration of the first two limbs: the Yamas and Niyamas.

Part I – March 19: focus on the niyama Svadhyaya (Self Study) and yamas Satya (Truthfulness) and Ahimsa (Non-Violence)
Part II – April 30: focus on the niyamas Tapa (Discipline) and Saucha (Clarity/Purity)
Part III – May 28: focus on the yamas Asteya (Non-Stealing), Brahmacharya (Non-Excess), Aparigraha (Non-Possessiveness), and niyama Santosha (Contentment)
Part IV – June 25: focus on the niyama Ishvara Pranidhana (Surrender)

WHO: This workshop is designed for students who have an interest in deepening their existing practice by exploring and integrating yogic philosophy both on and off the mat.

WHY: From this deep dive, students will gain new insight and practical skills to apply to everyday life so as to live with greater ease and harmony with self, others and the world around them.

Please wear comfortable athletic clothing, as the course will include both sitting during instructional period and movement through asana. Bring a notebook, writing utensil, yoga mat, towel and your curiosity.

Note: Each workshop of this four-part series will cover different content. Greater depth and understanding will be had if all four workshops are taken but it is not required.



March 19
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
$25 - $80


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